Improve the JavaScript frameworks adoption

Well done React 👏

The success (and use) of a framework depends heavily on how you facilitate its adoption. If the first step to start is tedious, you will lose users from the start. Of course, detailed documentation is essential. But if you neglect your " getting started " in terms of simple setup and "ready to use" examples, the adoption rate will be lower than expected.

Don't assume that everyone has the same knowledge and technical background as you.

I find that front-end JavaScript frameworks illustrate this perfectly (the good and bad sides). You may have the most beautiful framework in the world; if it is boring to install and increases the initial steepness of the learning curve, you will lose potential users.

Why am I talking about JavaScript frameworks? If you need to install many tools to transpile/bundle a simple "Hello World", you are out of the game. Please note that I am not saying that these tools are useless. Most of the time, it's wholly justified for projects put into production.

A bright example of " getting started" promoting adoption is that of React; I urge you to read this part of the documentation:

React website offers you to start doing React " without tools" by using online IDEs with ready to use projects (Gitpod is an excellent contender for this sort of thing) or by using a simple HTML skeleton that does not require any additional tool. 😍

🖐 It is, of course, specified that all the code transformation part (transpilation) is done at runtime and that it will be slow and only lends itself to demonstration and learning.

So today, thanks to this "HTML skeleton", I can start learning React with two commands:

# download the React HTML skeleton
wget -O  index.html
# serve the page
python3 -m http.server 8080
# 🎉 you can start experimenting with React

And here it is, in less than a minute and without effort, I have an environment to learn and discover React. So it helps me to want to continue.

👀 Look at this sample project or click on the below button to open it directly in Gitpod: Open in Gitpod.

Being able to play with React without installing anything is a pleasure. 👋